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A Stunning and Diverse Landscape

One of the finest examples of Appalachian mountain diversity, the land on which The Chattooga Club sits is both rugged and gentle. Streams, gentle waterfalls, and rock outcroppings are tucked into the forest, and the plants range from ancient trees to rare azaleas. As the private club community has developed, careful stewardship of this land has taken place to ensure that every element serves to further enhance the natural surroundings.

Architectural Style

The Chattooga Club revived a design style that was present just after the turn of the last century in the North Carolina mountains. Born from the local craftsman’s interpretation of the then-popular shingle, craftsman, and colonial revival styles, The Chattooga Club embraces the use of local materials and simplified details.

It’s our belief that living spaces should interact with their surrounding environment. For that reason, our building designs and room layouts are done in such a way as to not only take in the spectacular mountain views, but also to relate to the homesite itself. We even go so far as to design spaces with sun orientation in mind.

Design Philosophy

Not surprisingly, the one-of-a-kind, dramatic homesites at The Chattooga Club call for equally unique and often custom home designs. The Club’s design guidelines exist to help our property owners and architects understand the responsibilities and requirements of building in such a special place.

The Chattooga Club’s design philosophy is based on three elements. First and foremost: the interaction of living spaces to the environment. The second is emphasizing the natural setting over the building, and the third is designing the structure in the traditional mountain style.

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